Calculation on Salary Income tax

      If a person earns income from salary per year exceeds 48 lakhs of kyats, he shall be charged the income tax on total income, the tax rate to be levied according to the income bracket on the remaining income, after setting off the reliefs under section 6 of Income Tax Law are prescribed as follows;

(section 19(c) of the Union Taxation Law 2018 -2019)

Sr.No Income Bracket to be levied Income Tax Rates to be levied
From (Kyats) To (Kyats)
i 1 2,000,000 0%
ii 2,000,001 5,000,000 5%
iii 5,000,001 10,000,000 10%
iv 10,000,001 20,000,000 15%
v 20,000,001 30,000,000 20%
vi 30,000,001  and  above 25%

(the monthly income tax can be estimated &calculated in Tax Calculator link)